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Aeris Thụy Khanh Nguyễn is a filmmaker raised in Saigon and based in New York. She graduated from Brooklyn College's Film Production program in 2020, unofficially the worst year to do that. Aeris's body of work is eclectic: ranging from short student films, to corporate non-profit videos, to indie docs, and even a virtual play! Her style derives from personal experiences with people and artists, as well as her fascination with cultural anthropology. Two of her idols are Junji Ito, a Japanese manga artist, and Satoshi Kon, a Japanese film director.

Aeris aspires to make documentaries, narratives, and art about cultural diasporic lives; philosophical, spiritual, and internal reflections; and multidisciplinary art forms.

In her free time, Aeris enjoys reading heart-and-gut-wrenching novels, playing video games, painting, and consuming content of all forms.

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